Do YOU Have Concerns About Falling?

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Pam Bryson, instructor, demonstrates a strengthening and balance exercise taught in A Matter of Balance workshop.

One out of three adults age 65 and better fall each year. As we age, we can develop a fear of falling. This fear can result in a decrease in physical activity and lead to increased isolation. Studies show 30% of individuals who fall suffers injuries that decrease mobility and independence and result in high medical costs. The National Council on Aging reported the total cost of fall injuries in 2013 was $34 billion (78% paid by Medicare).

Now is the time to take control by learning how to prevent falls and to manage falls that may happen. A Matter of Balance, a national program sponsored by Centralina Area Agency on Aging, will be offered by Extension and Gaston County Extension & Community Association (ECA) in January. This free program can help you prevent falls by teaching you how to:  make changes to reduce fall risks at home, view falls as controllable, increase physical activity, increase strength and balance. If you are concerned about falls or have fallen in the past – this program is for you!

“This program makes such a difference in the lives of workshop participants,” says Pam Bryson, a program instructor, “the fear of falling could actually lead to a fall because that fear limits activities, causes difficult emotions and leads to isolation; which can lead to poor balance and weakness.”

Participants will learn physical activities to strengthen muscles, increase social activity, safety hazards to prevent falls, problem solving and goal setting during the eight-week workshop.

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