Fall Pasture Walk & Grass Based Livestock Discussion

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Fall Pasture

N.C. Cooperative Extension of Gaston County will be hosting a “Fall Pasture Walk & Grass Based Livestock Discussion” on September 22, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. During this workshop we will take a walk through the Riley’s pasture and discuss the following:

  • Soil health/testing and how to address fertility issues
  • Beneficial grass id & establishment
  • Weed id & control methods
  • Best management practices for grazing livestock & horses
  • Planning ahead for Spring 2021

This will be a Q&A walk-about so everyone is welcome to bring their questions! If you own and or manage land with livestock &/or horses this will be a worthwhile and informative workshop.

Cost: FREE, but space is limited; REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

Register at https://livestockpasturewalk.eventbrite.com