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Local Foods

The Gaston County Center Local Foods contact is Lara Worden.

Cover photo for Home Canning Know-How Summer 2020

Home Canning Know-How Summer 2020

Now is the time to learn how to safely preserve foods with water-bath canning and pressure canning. From upcoming webinars …

Cover photo for Find Local Meats on MeatSuite

Find Local Meats on MeatSuite

NC Choices is proud to introduce MeatSuite to North Carolina consumers. MeatSuite is a website where you can find local …

Cover photo for Extension Programs

Extension Programs

Looking for Extension programs related to local foods? Check out the Cooperative Extension Local Food Portal Overview Site Map …

Cover photo for Extension Publications

Extension Publications

Looking for Extension publications on local foods? Check out the Cooperative Extension Local Food Portal Local Food Extension Publications …

Cover photo for Local Food Systems

Local Food Systems

Looking for resources on local food systems? Check out the Cooperative Extension Local Food Portal Local Food Systems overview …

Cover photo for Strong Communities

Strong Communities

Looking for resources on building strong communities through local foods? Check out the Cooperative Extension Local Food Portal Strong …

Cover photo for Youth & Families

Youth & Families

Looking for resources for youth & families related to local foods? Check out the resources on the Cooperative Extension …

Cover photo for Nutrition & Health

Nutrition & Health

Looking for Nutrition & Health resources pertaining to local foods? Check out these national and statewide programs and resources …

Cover photo for Cook Local Food

Cook Local Food

Looking for resources for cooking local foods? Check out the seasonal recipes, food prepping tips, and cooking videos on …

Recent Publications related to Local Foods

A photo of a dairy cow.

Selling Fluid Milk to Grocery Stores Through Direct Store Delivery

This publication will help you start selling fluid milk directly to grocery stores. Approaching retailers, …

2 weeks agoLocal Foods
A flowchart showing the steps to created value-added products.

Adding Value to Local Food

This publication introduces producers to general principles for successfully creating new value-added products and where …

2 weeks agoLocal Foods

Grapes and Berries for the Garden

This guide provides home gardeners with instructions for growing strawberries, blueberries, brambles (blackberries and raspberries), …

2 weeks ago

Farmers' Market Tours: A Guide for Nutrition Educators

A Farmers’ Market Tour is a great way to introduce your program participants to an …

2 weeks ago

Vacationer Supported Agriculture Summer 2019

Vacationer Supported Agriculture (VSA) is a project led by NC State’s P1tLab and NC State …

12/18/20Local Foods
Logos for 12 online marketplace companies.

Using Web Marketplaces to Reach Untapped Markets

This publication explains how microentrepreneurs can use emerging web-based marketplaces to sell services, goods, and …


Caswell County Ag Census Infographic 2017

This infographic provides a visual interpretation of the 2017 Census of Agriculture, which is collected …

Observing worms in a vermicompost bin.

Vermicomposting in Childcare Center Gardens

This publication is a how-to guide for starting a garden-related vermicomposting bin in a childcare …